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2 Years And 4 Chops Later, Sagaponack Manse Finds A Buyer

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It took about two years and more than $2M worth of pricechops, but the home located at 68 Hedges Lane in Sagaponack has moved into contract. We've actually been wondering when the five-bedroom would find a buyer ever since it appeared as a PriceSpotter contestant last December. Set on 2.2 acres and offering 6200 sq. ft. of living space, the $5.495M pricetag seemed downright reasonable to many Curbed readers. When it participated in our little guessing game, their estimates wildly overshot the asking price?a positive sign that the home is a good buy.

It's still too early to know the final purchase price, but (as always), guesses are welcome in the comment box.

· Listing: 68 Hedges Lane [Corcoran]
· 68 Hedges Lane in Sagaponack [StreetEasy]

PS: We can't get the embed code to work properly, but make sure you check out the home's virtual tour. It's Yannitastic!