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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent This "Oceanfront Designer's Oasis?"

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Location: 448 Further Lane, Amagansett
Rental Price: $490,000 (MD - LD)

The guesses for this week's PriceSpotter contestant were all over the place. On the low (and obviously joking) end, we had one reader offer 15-20k for the season. The very next commenter thought that because of the home's "Prime location, eclectic decor, and the Koi Pond" it would fetch "around $200K." The only one in the ballpark was the reader who thought "$450K MD-LD" would get the job done.

haoli69 would have been the week's big winner with their first guess of $500K, but changed their mind and dropped it down to $350K because they thought that the place has seen better days: "[I]t's kind of dated." Always go with your gut when trying to spot these prices, dear readers?and then maybe tack on another 25 - 50%.

· Listing: Oceanfront Designer's Oasis [Saunders]