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Curbed Readers Name Their Top Hamptons Restaurants

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Last week, we asked readers to name the best restaurants in the Hamptons. Some argued that the responses generated should be called "favorites" and not "best"?we're staying out of that one, though. Instead, check out a map of the top ten over here and see the full list of all the recommended places below:

1. Southfork Kitchen
2. Navy Beach
3. Nick & Toni's
4. Almond
5. Bobby Van's
6. Dave's Grill
7. The Dock
8. East Hampton Grill
9. Nichol's
10. Stone Creek Inn

· 75 Main
· The Beacon
· The Coast
· Conca D'oro
· East By Northeast
· Foody's
· Fresno
· Greek Bites
· The Harvest
· Little | Red
· The Living Room
· Page
· The Palm
· The Publick House
· Red | Bar
· Rowdy Hall
· Sotta Sopra
· Tutto Il Giogno
· Vine Street Café

And, just for a fun, a couple of readers offered up some restaurants no longer open for business (but fondly remembered):

· 95 School Street
· The Laundry

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