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Surf Lodge Agrees To Pay Record-Setting $100K Fine

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After months of legal maneuvering (which some might argue is a nice way of saying "stalling") , Surf Lodge has agreed to pay $100K to the town of East Hampton. Readers will recall that the Montauk hotspot was slapped with close to 700 zoning violations last summer.

After the the town determined that a waiters' work station and dry-bar placed on the patio did not require a variance many of the fines were dismissed. This, in turn, led to the owners accepting the $100K settlement.

It wasn't Edgemere Montauk L.L.C. that agreed to pay up, though. The new owner?Montauk Properties L.L.C.?is the one shelling out the cash. Michael Walrath (the head of Montauk Properties) thought it best to clean up the legal mess left by the previous owners before the summer season gets under way.

"We don't expect to have these types of issues going forward," he said. We can only hope that's the case.

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