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Bayfront Modern In Bridgehampton Goes For $10.075M

When we volunteered this five-bedroom to participate in our weekly PriceSpotter feature back in October of 2011, reader reaction was incredibly mixed. And for once, it wasn't about the interiors. While their guesses ranged from between $8.5 to $16M+, most commenters?with Irene's fallout still clearly on their minds?took issue with the 5500 sq. ft. home's location on the Bay. One even went to far to call the it a "sucker[']s buy" because the "place could be gone in a matter of minutes in the next big hurricane."

Well, it looks like someone wasn't too worried about what nature might bring because they just bought the place. The purchase price? $10.075M, or a little less than 20% off the $12.5M the sellers were originally asking back in 2010.

· Listing: Waterfront Architectural Masterpiece [HREO]