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Reader Comments

With Memorial Day weekend just two weeks away, readers have been dusting off their commenting caps and rejoining the Curbed Hamptons conversation. Here's a quick rundown of their more memorable contributions from last week.

I CAN HAZ LOBSTER ROLL?: "that windmill is an eyesore and completely pointless unless you're using it to launch feral cats into the atlantic."

OVERPRICED, BUT STILL VALUABLE: "I live on the basin there in Redwood and know the house and the property, although I agree that $8.0 million is over the top, it will fetch a considerable amount more than $2.0. This is 1.7 acres in the Village of Sag Harbor, with a nice walk or easy bike ride into the village ... This is not about the house, it is about the Dirt, the Dock and the Location."

I FEEL NOTHING: "Its a beautiful spot with both bay and ocean views, and that whole Cranberry Hole/Cross Highway/Oceanview Road/Abraham's Landing neighborhood (known as "Devon Colony") back there by the Devon Yacht Club is pretty tony, but the house is just so cold."

JUST PART OF THE GAME: "Will trade under 2M - it seems the new new thing in the hamptons is price your property a million bucks over what you really want."

DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU'RE AFTER: "I looked at this house too (way back when). I don't think it's dated - again it's the fixtures/furnishings that date the house (do we really have to go over this again?). But the pool issue makes it a non-starter. If you hate pools and want to buy a house to live in until you die - this is a great deal. As an investment, it stinks."