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Montauk's Sail Inn Still For Sale, Now $50K Cheaper

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If you're still upset about missing out on buying The Ronjo, don't have the capital to dump into The Montauket and the Cottages at South Lake just aren't doing it for you, there's always The Sail Inn on Montauk's West Lake Drive.

It's been on the market for a while now?the earliest mention we can find is from 2010?but the price has just been lowered. The ten-room inn is now asking $2.9M...a whopping $50K cheaper! Probably not enough to convince someone to take a chance at becoming the next Conrad Hilton, but the difference should help cover the cost of painting the walls white, hanging some ornamental surf boards and creating a new website.

· Listing: Sail Inn Of Montauk [Saunders]
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