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Amagansett's "Windmill House" Gets A Much Needed Chop

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When the owner of this "work of art beyond compare" wanted their newly constructed home to have "a more local feel", their builder?Christian Fokine?requested and was granted a variance to install an ornamental windmill. Mr. Fokine even went so far as to call it a "landmark in the future."

The home achieving status as a landmark could eventually happen (Editor's note: Ha!), but that doesn't make finding a buyer an easy task. After hitting the market last year for $10.995, the 8000 sq. ft. home was just introduced to the pricechopper's blade to the tune of $500K. Definitely headed in the right direction, but we still think it's going to be a hard sell no matter what the cost. Normandy-style villas with functionless windmills aren't exactly for everyone. Then there's the matter of that feral cat colony that's supposedly found nearby...

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