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The World Reacts to Shocking Surf Lodge News

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News that Montauk's celebrated Surf Lodge would be under new ownership this summer quickly ricocheted around the world. What did it mean? Here's some of the initial reaction from Curbed readers:

"End of an era. I loved the Surf Lodge and always had a great time there. Hopefully the new owners will capture the spirit that made it such a great place when it first opened." "Better the devil you know...this isn't going to be good."

"So basically nothing will actually change, right?"

"Screw the community and the neighbors...They're still going to be miserable if you made Surf Lodge a convent...The "new Montauk" sucks but so does the "old Montauk" and the "real Montauk" is getting pushed into the sea by both of them, that's what someone should really bitch about."

"The Surf Lodge was sold, but Jayma Cardosa is staying on board to keep the douche train running full steam ahead."

"Locals should welcome anyone who would burn 3 hours of gas to get to the end of Long Island."

"They will open up as always, continue to rack up violations with disregard, and when its time they will switch ownership again."

Have an opinion? Oh yes you do. Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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