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Reader Comments

Even though the season is still about six weeks away, Curbed readers are already in summer form. Here are just a few of their more memorable comments from last week:

ON GEORGICA POND: "It will sell for asking. You could throw a couple floors on it and end up with a 3000+ sq ft house in the association with a dock on the pond. The lot is tiny but the structure is pretty privately sited."

THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY: "I'm happy to let town pick selling price out of the air if I can do the same for my taxes. Owners should pay market rate whether it's lower or higher than conjured figure. Only a politician would think an appraisal is inferior to an arbitrary amoumt."

THAT SOLD QUICK: "The lot is worth the asking price, and unless the seller is forced, the buyer probably paid close to the list. The one around the corner (where they put up the trees) sold extremely fast as well last year."

WE CANNOT FIND FAULT WITH THIS LOGIC: "Bay beaches kind of suck compared to ocean beaches. Then there is the issue of girls in bikinis. Not too much of that on the North Fork. A lot of that on the South Fork."

BROKERBABBLE, REVISITED: "I find it disingenuous to call it a 4 acre parcel if part of it is reserve. You may have the deed to the land, but effectively you have a 1.5 acre lot. Still nice. But not $10mm nice."