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Calling All Oenophiles: Rent The Wölffer Estate Residence

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This August rental would make anyone happy, really, but it's got a special appeal for the wine-enthusiasts out there. Situated "in the heart of the 170 acres of vineyards" (and near a world-class equestrian center) the residence of the Wölffer Estate offers an "understated traditional farmhouse" consisting of four bedrooms as well as a trio of one-bedroom/one bath guest cottages. Throw in a gunite pool with a fully loaded poolhouse, a tennis court and the ability to walk home from Sunset Fridays and you've got the makings of an excellent wine-centric vacation. One that comes with?as you might have suspected?a pretty hefty price tag attached. They're asking $195K for the month. Although, the savings in cab fare alone might be worth it.

· Listing: The Wölffer Estate Residence [Sotheby's]