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A Two-Bedroom Cottage On Georgica Looking For $3.995M

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Demonstrating?regardless of size?how expensive properties on Georgica Pond can be is this two-bedroom cottage off of Georgica Association Road. Set on only .3 acres, the 1500 sq. ft. home is asking almost $4M. As for amenities, they're pretty non-existant. The only features mentioned in the brokerbabble are the open floor plan, large sliding glass doors and garage. However, it does offer "wonderful views" of the pond and it is part of the Georgica Pond Association, which is why the owners?the estate of the late Franc Vitale?are hoping for so much.

Still, we can't imagine it selling anywhere near the listed ask. Anyone care to offer a number that might be a little more palatable to buyers? Or, if you think it's priced reasonably, please do share your thoughts.

· Listing: 9 Association Road [Sotheby's]