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$13.9M Six-Bedroom Cottage In East Hampton Is "In Contract"

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The trend of pricier Hamptons homes finding buyers in recent months continues. This time, it's a three-acre spread located in East Hampton's estate section. We wrote about the property in February, but it's worth a quick recap.

It hit the market shortly after its owner, Alan B. Slifka (an investor, philanthropist, co-founder of the Abraham Fund and founding chairman of the Big Apple Circus), passed away in February of 2011. Originally asking $17.5M, a couple of quick pricechops knocked the ask down to $13.9M?where it's remained since last August. It offers six-bedrooms, an updated kitchen, a library/sunroom, a media room and a "spacious entry hall." One of the more notable features of the residence is its brick terrace which affords elevated views of the expansive lawn, pond, gunite pool and mature landscaping. The property itself consists of two separate lots which allow "for future guesthouse, development or investment."

As it just found a buyer, there's no word on the sale price. However, the size and quickness at which the pair of pricechops came would indicate the owner was willing to accept something below the last listed ask. Feel free to share your best guess as to what that might be in the comments.

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