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39 Buell Lane Finds A Buyer In Less Than A Month

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After hitting the market in the middle of February for $1.35M, the 3-bedroom cottage located at 39 Buell Lane entered into contract roughly one month later. The 1800 sq. ft. turn-of-the-century traditional has ?to put it really gently?seen better days, but it's got a decent, although heavily trafficked, location (just off north of Main Street, close to Town Pond) and a respectable amount of acreage (.63). It comes with a pool and, per the brokerbabble, is "ready for your renovation or new home."

No word on who the buyer is just yet, but we wouldn't be surprised to learn that one of the neighboring homeowners has designs on purchasing the place and tearing it down. Until the deal is finalized, though, anyone want to venture a guess as to how much it will eventually go for?

· Listing: East Hampton Village Best Location [Saunders]