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Tipping, It's Not Just For Cows

As Memorial Day weekend quickly approaches (50 days and counting!), we figured it was time for a little thank you to our tipsters. You are our lifeblood. You kept us afloat all winter with your intel, rumormongering, rants, photos, and gossip spilling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For all you newcomers, a quick reminder on how you can get involved in all the fun:

Did you overhear a restaurateur talking about a new eatery they're opening? Know the name behind the LLC that recently purchased a home? Got the inside scoop on the never-ending game of agency musical chairs? Or maybe you just need to vent to our Complaint Dept. All this and more is very welcome to the tipline; just drop a note to Photos?from soon-to-be-open stores to unexpected "For Sale" signs?are especially encouraged. Anonymity guaranteed, of course.

And while you're at it, feel free to follow Curbed Hamptons on Facebook or Twitter, contribute to our Flickr Photo Pool, AND/or sign up for the email newsletter.

[Photo credit: Jelle]