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Reader Comments

You can tell that summer is right around the corner by the marked increase in number of reader comments?the last full week in April brought them out in droves. So, before we return to our regularly scheduled coverage of Hamptons happenings and real estate news, let's take quick look back at what people were saying during the last seven days.

REMEMBER WHEN SOUP COST A NICKLE?: "If it's any consolation, my parents almost bought a lot here in the late '70s for for $45K. Back then, it still looked like the potato fields it had been for decades previous, and within a few years had sprouted enough modernist, angled, and overwrought houses that could have been a New Yorker cartoon."

COST VS. LOCATION: "' the acre for 200K'? You're dreaming. The location leaves something to be desired in certain respects but its proximity to the village (a 5 minute walk) pushes the value of the land up.

TOOK LONG ENOUGH: "It was on the market for like 8 years. It needs a renovation and it is thisclose to two unbuilt lots for sale. Also, because I looked at this house myself, I know you cannot get much home insurance because of it being in between the bay and the ocean. This street and all its houses are in a vary precarious location for flooding."

SOMETHING SMELLS: "Next door to and downwind from the dump. Oh, excuse me: RECYCLING CENTER." · "Across the street from the dump!!! This should be in the 5s. If it's lucky." · "Just goes to show people are way too conservative to appreciate exciting modern architecture. Also, it's near the dump."

BROKERBABBLE DEFINED: "'Unique' - the new word for shithole!"