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$30M Meadow Lane Listing Has Some Truly Terrible Photos

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The last time we mentioned this incredibly pricey Meadow Lane property, Curbed readers let fly with the usual torrent of insults and calls for bulldozing. One thought that, "The house ain't worth jack squat" while another called it the "Ugliest house ever seen on Meadow Lane." While a certain Norman Jaffe down the street might give this five-bedroom a run for its money in the ugly department, these new listing images surely don't help matters.

Though the 6000 sq. ft. home is pretty much a guaranteed teardown, we can't help but wonder why the listing agent would choose to feature such amateurish photos. Since the the value is in five acre property itself, it would probably make more sense to focus on that and not bother including poorly framed, dimly lit shots of dated interiors and untrimmed landscaping.

· Listing: 1860 Meadow Lane [Prudential Douglas Elliman]