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Montauk's Surf Lodge Has Been Sold!

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After months of rumors, news items, and the recent departure of their executive chef, Edgemere Montauk, LLC no longer owns Montauk's most controversial hotspot. We just got our cotton flower and white freesia-smelling hands on a press release saying that they've sold to Montauk Properties, LLC?an investment company run by Michael Walrath (also a part owner in the yet-to-open Swallow East, although the only connection is his involvement) that focuses on real estate and hospitality investments. Per the release:

"We acquired The Surf Lodge with a vision for improving and refining the experiences for all our guests. Montauk has an amazing culture and community and we think the Surf Lodge has an opportunity to play a vital role in the community," said Walrath. "For me, Montauk is about family, fishing, surfing, and all-around good people. I have four kids and I want them to grow up with the types of values Montauk has to offer."Not everyone from the old Surf Lodge crew has abandoned the spot, though. Jayma Cardoso, one of the original owners, has partnered with the group and will remain on as manager of the day-to-day operations. So what does this mean for Surf Lodge? It's still way too early to tell if the changing of the guard will usher in a new, quieter Montauk experience, but it really can't get much worse than it's been for the last few seasons. Hopefully, the new owners will be a little more respectful of their neighbors and mindful of the community.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more about their plans.

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