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Designer Gets A Little Aggressive In Pricing His Springs Cottage

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Looking through this listing's photos, it's pretty obvious that a professional had a hand in designing the interiors. That decorating pro would be Andrew Taiani, who just happens to be the three-bedroom's owner. And what does he think is a fair price for the 2900 sq. ft. home that he purchased for $795K back in 2005? Um...$1.995M. Making matters worse is that there's no pool (this may also be why the home still hasn't rented), it's not waterfront and there no mention of whether the furnishings are included in the sale. Maybe he thinks the one acre property's "incredible landscaping" makes it worth almost $2M.

We'll be keeping an eye out for the inevitable pricechops on this one. In the meantime, anyone care to offer a suggestion as to what the seller should really be asking?

· Listing: New To The Market, Best Of The Best In Springs [Nestseekers]