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Four Years Later, 920 Whalers Lane Finds A Buyer

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The last time 920 Whalers Lane made an appearance on Curbed Hamptons it was as a contestant in our weekly PriceSpotter feature. Surprisingly (compared to some area listings), the reader response was overwhelmingly positive. "The house is quite nice" and "the layout seems to be a perfect one" were just a few of the compliments thrown in the home's direction. The reception for the beach house was such that the average overestimate was more than $2.5M above the asking price of $4.595M.

Well, roughly two months after participating in our little guessing game (and more than four years after hitting the market), the home has entered into contract. Since 3,600 sq. ft. modern did struggle to find a buyer for so long, we would expect the owners settled for something well south of the listed ask. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what they've agreed to?

· Listing: 920 Whalers Lane [Corcoran]