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Another Amusing Set Of Renders From Revel Inspired

It's getting pretty easy to tell when Revel Inspired?"the TIFFANY'S of VIRTUAL," according to one commenter?is the firm responsible for pre-construction renders. The "photorealistic" images they create are usually pretty easy on the eyes and include a handful of flourishes that always elicit a chuckle. Case in point: The listing photos for this eight-bedroom updated traditional ready to be built in Bridgehampton. The set includes a Range Rover parked in the driveway, modern art in the living room, a putting green in the backyard, and a quintet of in-shape folks enjoying a lovely day out by the pool.

And the cost to make this Sims scene a reality? The pre-completion price is $11,999,999. Real life don't come cheap.

· Listing: 80 Sams Creek [Saunders]