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In East Hampton, 5 Bedrooms And A Mobile Home For $399K

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This is, quite possibly, the oddest listing we've come across in quite some time. The custom built home located on Three Mile Harbor is set on .75 acres and offers a 4200 sq. ft. main residence as well as a pre-existing legal mobile home. All for under $400K.

While that number is certainly attractive for the Hamptons, the house...well...the house is hurtin'. There's some truly awful textured walls in one of the bedrooms, an exposed electrical wire hanging from an exposed beam (not the good kind) in the kitchen, and what looks to be a shower curtain hanging above one of the toilets. And these are photos that they chose to include. We shudder to think about what else lurks inside. We'd like to think that a bit of staging (really, a thorough cleaning) is in order, but this might be too far gone for that to be worth the effort.

Only adding to the strangeness of the place is what the owner originally thought they could get for it. When it first hit the market back in 2010, the pricetag was $950K.

· Listing: Looking For Unique? [HREO]