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Reader Comments

Before we return to our regularly scheduled programming, here's a quick rundown of what readers were saying last week. Enjoy!

BUT THEY'RE REALLY GOOD STRAWBERRIES: "Farm stands are for hedge fund idiots who don't know any better. $7 for a pint of strawberries. The locals are hosing all of us and you don't even know it. HA!"

GET TO THE (PRICE)CHOPPER!: "The other one on Carriage (renovated by Farrel) sold for around 3.5MM. The market has not come back that much. This is a $4MM house tops in my view."

WALKING PAPERS: "Happy to see these legs taking a hike, but Vered-Lehr are going to milk this of course and file a lawsuit, which is going to be a big waste of the town's time and taxpayer money."

YOU ASK TOO MUCH: "The omission of any kitchen photos must mean that the kitchen is tiny and somewhat enclosed. I've been in 2 Jaffe homes and this was the case in both of them. The design is just not practical these days. They won't get $24M, that's for sure."