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Sag Harbor's 77 Harbor Avenue Is Listed At A Loss, Now $475K

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Let's get the painful stuff out of the way up front: The current owner of this house paid $610K. They've been trying to sell off and on since 2010 and, after a couple of smallish chops, they dropped a $110K doozy this past weekend. The new $475K pricetag is about 20% less than they shelled out back in 2007. Ouch.

While the 1100 sq. ft. upside-down design isn't exactly a stunner, cutting the price to under $500K does make it a bit more attractive. In fact, the three-bedroom almost looks like a bargain when you factor in its proximity to the beach (less than 2/10s of a mile) and "enclosed porch with views of the bay."

Listing: 77 Harbor Avenue [Corcoran]