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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent This 3-Bedroom Traditional In Sag Harbor?

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Location: 6 Vitali Cilli Ave, Sag Harbor
Rental Price: $85,000 (MD - LD)

This week's Pricespotter contestant seemed to suffer from an overabundance of stuff. Almost everyone who ventured a guess included some comment about the need to do something regarding the decoration. One reader asked, "Do I need to pay an additional security deposit for all those plates?" Another noted that before they'd rent the place, they "would have to insist that most of that stuff is removed, including the floral bedspreads." Even those that liked the home thought that the contents needed to go: "The decoration can be stripped out easily and you'd have a pretty cool place."

As for their estimates, it looks like the decor played a major factor in all of them coming in well under the 85K asking price. The closest one (and they didn't think they'd get it) was $50K-60K, while the rest were $45K or less.

Then we had a frustrated agent doing a little venting: "There are no waterfronts with docks for less then 50K in Sag...I also don't understand why Renters can't see past the bedspreads and just buy a few bedspreads for $39 each. Total cost $75 for the two rooms and cover the other ones. Rent a great location, put away a few plates spend $75 and you have a great summer rental!"

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