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Take A Look At 124 Dune Road Before The Renovation

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Earlier this week, we wrote about this $18M six-bedroom located Quogue's Dune Road. While it didn't go over too well with the Curbed readership?calling it everything from "ugly" to "grotesque" to "monstrous"?one commenter was interested in seeing some before pictures.

The listing agent, Corcoran's Mark Schindler, was kind enough to send a few our way, giving us the opportunity to take this new before & after feature a test spin. As you can see, it was clearly not a contemporary prior to the re-design?it was a regular ol' barn on steroids. Just not as ornate (and about 2000 sq. ft. smaller).

Do you think the update was an improvement?

So...what do you think? Better? Worse? The same? Let us know in the comments.

· Listing: Quogue Oceanfront [Corcoran]