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The Big Lebowski Would Appreciate This Napeague Cottage

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If The Dude was ever looking to relocate from Los Angeles to the Hamptons, we could picture him falling in love with this 1950s two-bedroom on Mulford Lane in Napeague. Set on .17 acres, the "simple and peaceful" cottage offers 700 sq. ft. of living space, a porch to soak in the sunset views of Napeague Bay (the perfect spot for imbibing a white russian or three) and a collection of bowling balls lined up in front of the house. While we don't know if the owner intends to keep the peculiar lawn decorations if/when they sell, it would be very dude-like if they were included with the $799K pricetag.

· Listing: Napeague Cottage With Bay Views [Brown Harris Stevens]