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The Resort At Mill Creek Is Now Asking $10.8M

For the second time in as many weeks, one of Gary DePersia's listings has undergone a rather surprising price increase. The over-the-top eight-bedroom that goes by the name of The Resort At Mill Creek is now asking $1.35M more than it was in September. While the $2M bump in ask for the home on Flying Point Road was strange enough, this one's even moreso. Not only has the property been on the market since 2009, the owner is currently involved in a $4M lawsuit with HSBC Mortgage Corporation.

However, Mr. DePersia was kind enough to offer an explanation: "[The] house is rented for a year until 4/2013 and seller is anticipating a stronger market by the time house is available to sell again. Seller is still negotiable." Hopefully, that optimism doesn't backfire. Otherwise, the home may become the East End's newest most expensive property in foreclosure.

· Listing: 33 Mill Creek Close [Corcoran]