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Another Norman Jaffe Oceanfront Hits The Market

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One week after its big brother down the street re-entered the market with a $30M pricetag, we've learned that one of the other Norman Jaffe designs on the south side of Meadow Lane is seeing if there's any interest. The ask on this one? $24M. If (and that's a BIG if) it sells for that, the owner?listed as Kandinsky Escape LLC in records?will be pocketing a nice little profit. They purchased the four-bedroom set on over four acres back in 2008 for the tidy sum of $20M.

And in case you'd like to take the 3200 sq. ft. modern for a test spin prior to signing on the dotted line, it's still available for rent for the upcoming season.

· Listing: On Meadow Lane [Corcoran]