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$760K In Noyack: A Four-Bedroom On More Than Two Acres

Where: 15 Club Lane, Noyack
Sale Price: $760,000
Bedrooms/Baths/Sq. Ft.: 4/2/1800
Acreage: 2.1
Sale Date: March 12, 2012
The Skinny: We can't imagine the previous owners are overjoyed with the recent sale of their four-bedroom in Noyack. They intially put the home on the market back in 2007 for $949K. A buyer was eventually found, but only after five years of languishing and a handful of pricechops. While the final sale price of $760K isn't too dramatic a drop off (about 20%, pretty typical these days), considering that they originally paid $775K for the place back in 2003, they probably ended up taking a loss on the exchange. · Listing: 15 Club Lane [Corcoran]