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Another Bridgehampton Home Well Aware Of Its Audience

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Like its currently-being-built next door neighbor, the renderings of this 9000 sq. ft. modern include a few touches that made us chuckle. They show fires burning in all the fireplaces, equine-themed artwork hanging in the living room, and?our personal favorite?a digital Ferrari parked out front.

As you might expect, the pricetag is fitting for anyone who owns one of the exotic (although not so much in the Hamptons during the summer) cars. The current ask for the pre-construction 8-bedroom situated on 2.5 acres overlooking Mecox Bay is $22.995M. Vroom vroom!

Update: A couple of Facebook commenters informed us that Revel Inspired is the firm responsible for these renderings. The more you know.

· Listing: Bridgehampton Waterfront Oasis [Saunders]