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Reader Comments

Though we didn't have much of a winter, last week's comments were an indication that folks are more than ready for the summer season to arrive. Here are just a few that stood out:

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!: "I have been waiting for 10 years for this announcement. I am squealing with joy honestly. The Hamptons needs an upscale health oriented supermarket desperately ESPECIALLY for the year round community who don't have access to great healthy foods."

THAT WAS PAINFUL TO WATCH: "Time for Gurney's to recalibrate the PR machine there (if one exists?). I think they were sitting ducks and did not expect this show to end up the way it did. The place is dated and the dining room service sucks, but there are also some great things about Gurney's (the Spa and fitness center)."

NEEDS WORK: " I been in this house it needs a tremendous amount of work. The kitchen is a horrendous and needs a huge overhaul And the landscaping is atrocious. Just cause this is a [J]affe house does not mean it deserves that sort of premium. This will never sell at this price. GOOD LUCK!"

MOVING ON UP: "Java Nation will be a great addition to Bridgehampton. If they can import 'Mary's Marvelous' muffins from East Hampton every morning, they will give Golden Pear good competition."

SOMEBODY ?S BEER: "Zum Zum Zum - I will be the first pitcher when they open in Montauk. Counting the days!"