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"The Farmhouse" In East Hampton Is Now Available For Sale

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Village Hardware isn't the only Hamptons property with Bernhard Kiembock's name on the deed. He also owns the building that houses The Farmhouse The Laundry Spring Close. And he's looking to sell it.

While the current tenant has a 10-year lease (with an option for another 5), Mr. Kiembock is hoping to find someone willing to shell out $8M for the whole shebang. "Why so much," you should be asking yourself upon reading that number. Well, other than a 220-seat restaurant with a pair of fireplaces, a garden area and inside and outside bars, the 3.74 acre property also offers parking for 120 cars, staff accommodations and "ample room for special occasions." Does that warrant the price, though? Let us know in the comments.

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