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Jaffe-designed 210 Meadow Lane Hits The Market, Asks $30M

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This Norman Jaffe-designed oceanfront manse has made a couple of appearances on Curbed in the last few months. At the time, readers seemed to appreciate the architect's work, but took issue with the summer rental's proximity to the activity at Cooper's Beach. "That beach is INSANELY busy in the summer," noted one (who was kind enough to provide a photo to illustrate their concern). Another pointed out that the tenants better like canines: "After 6PM in the summer, all the owners come down there with their dogs and let them run wild like banshees."

Well, the house is still available for rent this summer, but it's now been put up for sale. Perhaps taking notice of all the high-end movement as of late, the owners (Mid-Summer Dream LLC) have decided to list the seven-bedroom for a whopping $29.95M. While we'd be surprised if they found a buyer for that amount?sales in high high-end market have been changing hands for at least 20% less than the listed ask?the seller is still in a good position to come away with a hefty profit. They shelled out $14.8M for the place in 2005.

· Listing: 210 Meadow Lane [Corcoran]