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6 Months Later, The Ask On This Water Mill 5-Bed Jumps $2M

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This former Pricespotter contestant (and one of Newsday's "Rich Cribs") first entered the market at the end of last September with an almost $17M pricetag attached. Now, about half a year later, the owners (listed as Atlantic Property, LLC) have upped the ask to $18.95M.

While a bump in price makes sense for certain listings?this Bridgehampton property added a 2.7 acre parcel to the original 4.7 acres?we haven't been able to determine if there's anything new about 5500 sq. ft. home that might warrant the change. We've reached out to the agent, Gary DePersia, hoping he might be able to offer an explanation. We'll update if/when he responds.

Listing: 1225 Flying Point Road [Corcoran]