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Big Reveal: How Much Is Montauk's Priciest Summer Rental?

Location: 390 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk (south of the highway)
Rental Price: $360,000 (MD - LD)

The astronomical rates everyone's used to seeing for summer rentals must be messing with their pricespotting gauges. While we've had overestimates in the past, the guesses this week put them to shame. One readers thought the five-bedroom was asking for $600K while another more than doubled the ask: "I'm guessing they are asking about $800K, although they might get lucky to get $650K." Makes the $360K that the place is going for seem like a relative bargain.

And it wouldn't be Curbed Hamptons if readers didn't share their thoughts on the decor: "Whoever the heck decorated this place should remove half the accessories and nik-naks and they might have a chance. Excellent location but there needs to be some serious subtraction on the decorating end." · "Yeah, the decoration is atrocious." · "#1 & #2 are right about the decor. Awful awful awful."

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