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Just How Hot Is The Hamptons Rental Market? Week 3

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It's week three of our little exercise in keeping track of summer rental numbers and we've got the kinks worked out. While Devlin McNiff and Sotheby's both added to their inventories (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), all of the other agencies we're following removed at least 1.5% of their listings from their sites in the past week. The biggest movement came from Saunders with a whopping 112 properties (almost 10% of their total) no longer available since we last checked. Take a look at the numbers for yourselves...

Disclaimer: Since the data we're working with isn't going to be perfect?listings are often duplicated, not everyone uses an agency, there's a lag time between when a lease is signed and when websites are updated, (just to name a few issues)?this is meant to give a general idea of what's going on with the rental market.