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The Most Inexpensive House In The Village Of Sag Harbor

For those looking for a fixer-up (and we know you're out there), this almost 50-year-old home in the village of Sag Harbor is worth checking out. Even the listing agent admits that it needs work, but the ask of $390K might be able to entice someone to strap on a tool belt and turn this place into a nice little summer cottage.

The 1100 sq. ft. home offers three bedrooms, one bath, wood flooring throughout and a partial basement. It's set on .28 acres so there's also room enough to install a pool. However, the biggest selling point might be its proximity to the beach: it's only about a half mile away. We know that "it's got potential" is often code for "it's a teardown", but in this case it might actually be true.

Listing: 9 Hillside Drive East [Strough]