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A Four-Bedroom On Mill Hill Lane Receives Its First Chop

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The last time we took a look at this particular property it was in conjunction with another Mill Hill Lane home that hit the market around the same time. While the other residence took a pricechop about three months after its initial listing, this one held off until earlier this week. After shaving off $400K, the pricetag on 65 Mill Hill Lane is now $1.995M.

The new, sub-$2M ask actually makes it cheaper than the neighbor down the street. This particular bit of news probably won't make that homeowner too happy as they'll be forced to lower their price even more if they want to remain competitive. Unfortunately, doing so will bring them dangerously close to taking a loss?the current owner of #32 shelled out $1.9M for the place in 2007.

· Listing: 65 Mill Hill Lane [Brown Harris Stevens]