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A Meadow Lane Rental With A Minimum Of Brokerbabble

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Standing in stark contrast to the copy written by Gary "Get Me My Thesaurus!" DePersia is this listing from Saunders agent Mark Greenwald. Check it out:

"Life as it should be on the oceanfront, casual and comfortable with spectacular views, sea breezes and plenty of areas for entertainment."That's it. Short. Sweet. Almost perfunctory. No mention of imported marble from Italy or high-end kitchen appliances. No reference to the length of ocean frontage or the property's expansive acreage. No fawning prose touting the five bedroom's exclusivity or how it's perfect for those with discerning taste. The copy does acknowledge the decking, pool and tennis court, but indirectly?only referring to them as "areas for entertainment." The minimalism makes us wonder: For rentals in the highest price range (this one's asking $375K for the summer), does the brokerbabble really matter all that much? This particular listing leads us to believe that it doesn't, but we'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share 'em in the comment section.

· Listing: Oceanfront [Saunders]