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Rent A Newly Renovated Modern In Noyac For $47.5K

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In case you are don't know, Corcoran's got a great tumblr called "The Corcoran 10am Special". Each morning at 10am (obviously), they post one of their listings. Granted, it's nothing but another avenue for their marketing department to exploit, but it does a terrific job of highlighting listings that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Case in point: This three-bedroom rental in Noyac. In the land of the $550K two-week rental, it's easy to overlook a sweet little pad like this.

The 1600 sq. ft. residence could easily be confused for one of the "Houses At Sagaponac". However, this 1.5 acre property doesn't have to contend with the airport noise that seems to plague that particular development. Instead, the residents can enjoy the property's cook's kitchen, loft-like living room, skywalk that leads to a secluded spacious deck nestled among the tree tops, gunite pool, open lawn and outdoor fire pit. It's only available for July and August, but that's actually when the season kicks into full gear.

· Listing: Modern Simplicity In Sag Harbor [Corcoran]