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Clip Time: ABC's "Revenge For Real: Murder In The Hamptons"

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The first clip from ABC's oddball Revenge spinoff, "Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons" is now available online and we have to admit that convicted murderer Danny Pelosi gives great soundbite. Some choice quotes from the 4-minute clip:

"I was a man with a tool belt. I gave her what the rich man couldn't."

"I thought I hit lotto."

"There is no motive to take a father away from his kids."

"Generosa did not kill Ted Ammon. She had him killed."

"I'm not guilty of murder. I'm guilty of being an idiot."

The program promises to follow up on new evidence provided by Mr. Pelosi that he says proves his innocence. What do you think they'll find?

Danny Pelosi, Convicted Hamptons Murderer, Claims Wife Wanted 'Revenge' on Multimillionaire Husband [ABC News]