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A Three-Bedroom Waterfront For $725K In Noyac

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Let's just get the obvious out the the way: Holy shit snacks, that's a lot wood paneling! Even the bathroom countertop looks to be made from the stuff.

We wouldn't blame anyone for shielding their eyes from the onslaught of timber, but we hope there's a few folks out there that might be able to focus on the positive. The "meticulously maintained" 1300+ sq. ft. residence is set on .35 acres and offers three bedrooms, a waterfront screened-in porch, a fireplace (could be dangerous), and sits directly on Noyac Creek.

It was originally listed at $750K, but a $25K pricechop about seven months back knocked the ask down to where it currently sits. Since there doesn't seem to be any takers at this price, anyone want to venture as guess as to what would get the job done?

Listing: 46 Noyac Harbor Rd [Corcoran]