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Reader Comments

Curbed readers took advantage of February's extra day ("Real life is for March!") to offer their particular brand of insight concerning all things east of the Shinnecock Canal. Here's just a sampling of the more memorable comments...

A LITTLE GOOD WITH THE BAD: "the kitchen appliances are nice, but the cheap-looking faux finish cabinets aren't great. for a little cottage like this, they should have done crisp white, plain panel cabinetry. and 4 bedrooms with only 1 bath?? yikes."

WE SAY CANOPY, YOU SAY BONDAGE RACK: "Kitchen is pretty awesome, and the overall decor is very nice - but I had to laugh when I saw the shot of the Master Bedroom with a very strange black wire contraption suspended above the bed. What the hell is that, a clothesline or a S&M bondage rack of some sort?"

GOING TO THE DOGS: "I hope the Town Board does not waste any more time or taxpayer money debating this kind of stuff. Owners need to keep their dogs under control and leashed, and watch them so accidental falls into pools don't happen in the first place."

YOU MIGHT BE ON THE WRONG SITE: "I ask myself, why does anyone need such a house??? The criteria in Europe are different. We ask things like are the windows triple glazed, how is the house insulated, does it have Geo-thermal heating and cooling, in the USA you all seem to be ignorant of the energy crisis!!! It appears the rich are getting richer and the middle class is gone in the USA."

WHAT'S THAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!: "Great house but boy oh boy I hope the buyer knows what he is in for when the planes start taking off in May. Brutal."