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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent This Amagansett Contemporary?

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Location: 393 Cranberry Hole Road, Amagansett
Rental Price: $80,000 (MD - LD)

In what's becoming customary with these pricespotter homes, we were looking for the asking price and Curbed readers couldn't resist offering critiques on the interior design: "I love the '80's!" · "Change that furniture!!!" · "...won't bother mentioning the decor."

Those that did offer a guess all came in under the $80K asking price, though not by much. The lowball was $60K while a couple of readers thought $70K was a fair amount for the summer season.

And our first ever Shill Award™ goes to guest #6: "Hmm, private sandy beach and cool clean sparkling water to swim, sail and kyack in whenever I want? With no driving or lugging beach chairs or town beach bathrooms- WOW! Much better then a McMansion in the hot dunes , over clorination and a sweaty moldy "gym". Location... Location... Location... Priceless!"

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