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Try Before You Buy: 5 Starter Summer Rentals

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If you're on the fence about whether or not you should take the plunge into Hamptons homeownership, perhaps renting for a summer or two is in order. To help you out, we've rounded up a group of moderately-priced listings currently available for rent this season. If you've come across any others, shoot us an Email.

Charming Beach House In Hither Hills, Montauk
Asking: $22K (MD - LD)
Located south of the highway in Hither Hills, this Montauk beach house offers three bedrooms, an open living area and 1600 sq. ft. of living space. There's no pool to be found, but its "private beach access" should make that a non-issue.

Walk To Main Street, Amagansett
Asking: 25K (MD - LD)
This is the first summer that this ranch is available for rent. It's set on a park-like acre within walking distance to Main Street and biking distance to Indian Wells Beach. There are three proper bedrooms and a sleeping porch that could serve as a fourth (the perfect place to put friends who will undoubtedly be clamoring to visit).

East Hampton Springs
Asking: $22K (August)
We were on the fence about including this one in the mix, but we couldn't let a place with a view like this go by unnoticed. Overlooking Three Mile Harbor, the August rental is located on a quiet street in Springs, has three bedrooms and a pool.

Steps From Everything, Sag Harbor
Asking: 25K (MD - LD)
It may only have two bedrooms, but this 800 sq. ft. traditional makes up for it with lovely landscaping, a deck in the secluded back yard and its proximity to the village. The best part, though, may be the views of Otter Pond (provided the parade of traffic doesn't spoil them for you).

Charming Southampton Village
Asking: 24K (MD - LD)
Located next to a reserve is this 2000 sq. ft. cottage in Southampton. It offers three bedrooms, central air, a front porch and back deck as well as some "beautiful gardens." Not only is the place close to the village, but it's less than a half mile to the LIRR stop. While everyone else is getting into cars and cabs to fight with summertime traffic, you'll already be on your second Old Fashioned.