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First-Time Homebuyer Horror Story # 1

We sent out the call for horror stories and you folks most certainly answered. Here's the first of the three we'll be featuring today (the poll will open at 1PM):

"Before we signed the contract, we had an inspector and pest control company come in – which I guess is standard procedure. The pest guy came up from the basement and said to us? “I think you guys need to come down here I want to show you something.” So when we went down to the basement, he began to tell us that the entire basement is infested with mice – particularly in the walls and all through the insulation etc. I don’t think you ever saw two gay guys run up the stairs faster. LOL. The owner had left the house vacant for 1-2 years and I guess a family of mice moved in and f***** their brains out. The owner ended up remedying the situation. All of the insulation needed to be replaced, the pest company needed to come back twice and the air conditioner/heating vents in the whole house needed to be blown out and cleaned. My fiancé will never EVER go into the basement again. Which basically leaves me doing the laundry for the rest of my life. Lovely."· Rookie Roosts Week 2012 [Curbed Hamptons]