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A Glowing Review of Home Sweet Home Moving & Storage

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Though it may be fun, we don't want to focus solely on the negative. Here's a snippet from a pretty stellar yelp review for Home Sweet Home Moving & Storage:

"I had some furniture that I'd gotten as birthday presents over the years (dresser, desk) and some things my parents were looking to get rid of moved from East Hampton to my apartment in Brooklyn. I got numerous estimates from places in NYC and EH and Home Sweet Home's was the best. The picked up the furniture from my parents one afternoon and delivered it to my apartment by 7am the next morning. They moved all of the furniture up the 3 stories in about a half an hour and were very appreciative of the well deserved $20/person tip."Keep in mind, it's from 2007 (Yelp was around back then?). Things could have taken a nose-dive in the last few years. However, we've only heard good things about them. · Home Sweet Home Moving & Storage [Yelp]