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The Owners Of Surf Lodge Are Trying To Sell

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We know we've been a little Surf Lodge-heavy for the last week, so this will be the last time we mention it for a while.*

When we last talked about the Montauk establishment (uh...yesterday) it was to note that the foursome behind Surf Lodge had enlisted new representation in their fight against the almost-700 violations leveled against them. In today's installment of "What's Going On With Surf Lodge", we learn that they are, in fact, trying to sell the place. The East Hampton Star obtained records from a closed-door meeting between their previous attorney and East Hampton Town Justice Catherine A. Cahill that included the following from their now-former lawyer:

"[They] are closing down Edgemere Montauk and selling the Surf Lodge. They have two potential buyers. They are in a position where they would like to close this case, and they are moving on."It doesn't let them off the hook in the current case, but we imagine that a a certain segment of the Montauk population will be happy to hear that they're on their way out. Their celebration could be short-lived, though. The "potential buyers" they've got lined up might not usher in a new, quieter 474 West Lake Drive 183 Edgemere Street they've been hoping for. Update: According to The New York Post a sale might not be in the works after all. Owners Steven Kamali, Jamie Mulholland, Jayma Cardoso and Robert McKinley "...have been overwhelmed with requests to purchase the property, but have been reluctant to consider any.” Hmmm...

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* Unless something dramatic happens. You know how it goes.

Surf Lodge

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