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Five Starter Homes That Might Make Your Kids Happy

"CHILDHOOD, n. The period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth ? two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age." — Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

While price will always be the most important part of buying a home, there are quite a few other factors that can shape the final decision. One of the biggest would be if you've got kids (or plan on having them). Some starter homes are great for singles and childfree couples, but just would't work for a family. So, in the interest of our nation's future, we've rounded up a quintet of listings for those that have decided to go forth and multiply. Enjoy!

4 Malone St, Springs
Asking: $500,000
# Of Bedrooms: 2
If you've got a smaller family, you might be interested in checking out this 2000 sq. ft. updated saltbox in the "heart of Springs artist community." It borders a wildlife greenbelt as well as a four acre horse farm, has a gunite pool, a hot tub and a fish pond . There's also an attic over the detached, two-car garage so when your kid becomes a teenager you can move him in there, Growing Pains-style.

58 Rutland Road, Springs
Asking: $475,000
# of Bedrooms: 3
Don't feel like dealing with the upkeep involved with a pool, but your family loves the water? This three-bedroom contemporary might be the perfect solution. Part of Springs' Clearwater Beach Community, ownership of this home grants access to a private bay beach and marina. There's also a full basement that "can be easily finished" if you eventually need a fourth bedroom.

10 Spring Lane, Noyack
Asking: $450,000
# of Bedrooms: 3
If you'd like to give raising a family in Sag Harbor (Noyack, really) a shot, this renovated cottage may be just what the pediatrician ordered. Located on a dead end street off of Noyack Road, it offers an open living room "bathed in natural light", a brick fireplace and hardwood floors throughout. We're a little suspect of the brokerbabble's claim that the backyard has waterviews, but if it does, even better.

989 Majors Path, Southampton
Asking: $499,000
# of Bedrooms: 3
This 1050 sq. ft. ranch looks like it might strike a nice balance between making sure both the adults and kids remain content. For the adults, it offers a nice-sized screened-in porch and a fireplace. For the wee ones, there's a pool as well as a game room on the lower level. It's also set on almost a full acre, so there's plenty of room for the kids to do whatever kids do outside these days.

Beautiful Spacious Ranch, Southampton
Asking: $500,000
# Of Bedrooms: 3
If you're looking for a home that's close to a school, you can't get much better than this 1250 sq. ft. ranch in Southampton. It's located right across the street from one! Better yet, it's set on a half acre of property so there's room to install a pool if your little ones' protestations that "All their friends have one!" finally wear you down.